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Marinade Injector Meat Injector Kit 3 Needles

Marinade Injector Meat Injector Kit 3 Needles Great Tasting Food Ultimate Turkey Baster Seasoning Injector Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel Baster Syringe 2 Oz Capacity

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Monster Kitchen Mat
Pack Set

Monster Kitchen Mat Pack: 4 Flexible Anti-Microbial Cutting Mats Plus 2 Bonuses: a Chef’s  Guided Silicone Pastry Mat and a Renowned Bonus BBQ Heat Resistant Grill Mat.

Price: $47.29    Sale: $11.95

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Salt and Pepper Grinder Combo Set

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set PLUS 6 Piece Measuring Spoon Set – Stainless Steel All In One Spice Mill with Ceramic Grinding perfect for Himalayan Salt Peppercorns.

Price: $44.95    Sale: $11.95

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If you‘re new to marinade injecting you are in for a treat, as are the friends and family you cook for. They will be lining up for your delicious meals with so much more moisture and flavor.


Almost every family has a few treasured recipes, beloved as much for the memories they evoke of family get-togethers or a special family member, as it is for their wonderful flavors.


Barbeque should be done in particular way with the meat slowly cooking over low heat. That is what really creates the succulence and enhances the smokiness.


I would highly recommend this marinator to anyone.  It is high quality and has lasted me one year of heavy use so far.

Jim, NC

The Monster Kitchen Meat Marinator works great!  It added tons of flavor to my roast, and I use it all the time!

-Amazon.com Customer


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