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Marinade Injector Meat Injector Kit 3 Needles

Marinade Injector Meat Injector Kit 3 Needles Great Tasting Food Ultimate Turkey Baster Seasoning Injector Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel Baster Syringe 2 Oz Capacity

Price: $49.95    Sale: $25.01

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Monster Kitchen Mat
Pack Set

Monster Kitchen Mat Pack: 4 Flexible Anti-Microbial Cutting Mats Plus 2 Bonuses: a Chef’s  Guided Silicone Pastry Mat and a Renowned Bonus BBQ Heat Resistant Grill Mat.

Price: $47.29    Sale: $12.95

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Salt and Pepper Grinder Combo Set

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set PLUS 6 Piece Measuring Spoon Set – Stainless Steel All In One Spice Mill with Ceramic Grinding perfect for Himalayan Salt Peppercorns.

Price: $44.95    Sale: $11.95

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If you‘re new to marinade injecting you are in for a treat, as are the friends and family you cook for. They will be lining up for your delicious meals with so much more moisture and flavor.


Almost every family has a few treasured recipes, beloved as much for the memories they evoke of family get-togethers or a special family member, as it is for their wonderful flavors.


The purpose of this recipe book is to indulge in the sweetest, most delectable desserts you can imagine. From lemon meringue pies to swirled chocolate babka, these recipes give you the power to create delicious goods for you and your family.


Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

They wash easily, too   

Virginia D, Pleasantville, NY

Marinade Injectors

I have to say this is the best turkey injection set I’ve ever owned

Richard A. , Kirkland, Washington

Salt and Pepper Grinders

I love the salt and pepper shaker.
I bought a set from you around the holidays, and liked it so much that I bought another one  

Kathryn L , Eugene, Oregon

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

My husband and I love to cook together and are very particular of cleaning. You solved that!

Stacy L , Roanoke, VA

Marinade Injectors

I have tried a few different kinds of injectors and all of them plug up or never worked at all this is a very nice setup and the three different needles will make it easy to use what we like to inject the meat with NO plugging up!!!   

DLG , Phoenix, AZ

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Well made, nice looking product. My brother stole mine so this is my 2nd!

Sharon T , Cleveland, Ohio

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

Great set for the Price!     
Thin and flexible, but durable      

Cleo, North Tonawanda, NY

Marinade Injectors

The rest of the BBQ teams were in awe of our Brisket!

Sonny W, Carmel, IN

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Salt and Pepper item is fantastic 

Donald C , Crossville, TN

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

My wife quit complaining about my mess when cutting chicken

Bill C, Oxford, MS

Marinade Injectors

I’ve been assigned roasting the Turkey every year with your brine recipe.

Elizabeth T , The Outer Banks, NC

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Easy to use, seems well made and well designed, and holds tons of peppercorns

S Lue , San Diego, CA

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

We use the colored mats, and my 12-year-old bakes with the pastry mat

Jillian, Davis, CA

Marinade Injectors

 The different styles of injectors are wonderful, & good quality

Leann F, Brentwood, TN

Salt and Pepper Grinders

My 3rd one purchased for my Deli

Anita, Richmond, BC

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

I can chop a bunch of stuff and then curl the mat to take the chopped stuff to the pot without having spill-over

Twanda Greenville, SC

Marinade Injectors

Thanks for the gift box and your 20% off…I bought 4 for my co-workers

Elaine S , Minot, ND

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Exceeded expectations. Nice to see that!     

Trent N , London, British Columbia

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

I am in love with funky colored mats        

TMonroe , Toronto, Canada

Marinade Injectors

I bought one for each of our BBQ team. Good recipes too!     

Ryan T , Fayetteville, Arkansas

Salt and Pepper Grinders

I discovered fresh ground salt makes everything better

Amy D , Dothan, AL

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

                       Will buy again when these wear out in a few years.       

Arlene King of Prussia, PA

Marinade Injectors

That’s what I am talking about! 

Huey, Austin, TX

Salt and Pepper Grinders

My Aunt talked me into it. I quit using my pepper only grinder within a week. 

Reina G , Alpharetta, Ga

Monster Kitchen Mat Packs

Easy to clean and especially nice not to worry about contamination. Great price for these! Never expected to use the grill mat.
I smoke with it religiously

Troy, Lincoln, NE

Salt and Pepper Grinders

The box was crushed in delivery and the unit was scratched.
I called just to let them know and I got a new one free right away and it’s perfect.  Thanks for caring     

Victor S , Brooklyn, NY

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